The only “stupid” questions that exsist are the ones that aren’t being asked. There is no shame in asking! Whether that may be for help, clarity or details, the list is endless!

The real reason most people avoid asking the questions they have is because of fear that they may ruin their reputation. Questions are nothing to be ashamed of and can lead to really pertinent conversations.

When you find yourself having some “R & R’ conversations with your team, it’s important to cover this particular topic. You’ll learn that it will cause your team to grow alongside you.

Questions Can Empower Your Employees

There are plenty of people on your team that are full of juicy questions. They just don’t know if it’s okay to ask them. This can stem from a lack of confidence, knowledge, or just fear of failure. Encouraging your team to speak up when the time is right can be exactly what your business needs to grow.

When you have business meetings, allow ample pauses between each topic for individuals to process what has just been said. Encourage them to write their thoughts down as you are speaking. When you create opportunities for great thoughts, you inherit really great questions. This can open your mind to a completely different perspective and can help bring you more clarity along the way.

Questions Have The Power To Challenge

If you have questions that you don’t have answers for, it usually means that you haven’t thought through a scenario someone else on your team already has. When you are presented with the “what if’s” or “what happens when” questions, don’t assume they are brought up to challenge your authority. Assume that they are asked with the intention of seeing from all of the different perspectives.

Coming up with the answers to those pertinent questions can seem annoying at first because they are disguised as roadblocks. In fact, these questions can be used as fuel to challenge your team to be better and to consider each possible outcome.

Questions Have The Power To Create Change

Change is such a powerful thing! We live in a culture that changes every five minutes, as it seems. Questions have the power to open your mind to the expanding world. If you don’t have a variety of different generations on your team, that’s your next step!

Bringing people into your business of all ages will inspire questions from different traditions and lifestyles. That type of diversity is key when your goal is to potentially reach more than just one audience. It will also allow you to connect with each person individually on your team. This is so crucial!


Influence starts from the head! If you want your team to start asking questions, ask them too. Allow them to feel more a part of your tribe so that they feel more comfortable speaking up. Who knows? The next “stupid” question could lead to the best decision your business has ever made. Take a chance!