Living a life married to your work is not you at your best. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy, upbeat attitude day-in and day-out you may need to take a second look at your work-life balance. The simple fact is that you’re not alone, however, it’s time to take action. Find stength in detatching from work to gain self-care.

Consider The Cost

If you spend most of your time focusing on your business, it is most likely that you are still thinking about your work while you’re at home. Therefore, this leaves you with barely any downtime or focus on you and your needs. If this resonates with you, most of your weeks end with fatigue, poor health, lack of quality time with friends/family and much more. This is no way to live!

Worj is important, however, the cost of you well-being is not worth it. Cutting back on your work does not mean you are a slacker. It just means that you prioritize your needs just as much as you prioritize your business. That is a model-way to lead within the business world.

Action Steps

It may seem impossible to cut back and re-strategize your schedule, but it’s worth the energy. Your first step is take a step back and determine what your non-negotiables are. For you this could be family, alone time, time with your spouse/kids, or spa days. The list is endless and there is no wrong answer! What is important to you, must be prioritized within your schedule.

Learn the art of saying “no”. Saying “no” doesn’t mean you don’t care about what is being asked of you, it just means you have a bigger “yes”. If you ever stuggle to figure out when to say “no”, just think of it like this: If there ever comes a time when something comes up that interferes with one of your non-negotiables, consider the sacrifice of both results. When you determine which option results in making a bigger sacrifice, you should choose the alternative. It’s not because you don’t value that person or that “thing” it just means you are prioritizing.

Self-care is more than taking an un-interrupted bubble bath once a month. Self-care is taking a step back and asking yourself “what fills my cup?”. Is it half a day of alone time? Is it taking long walks to decompress? Again, there is no wrong answer. Pay attention to how these things make you feel. If you feel and think better after you do these things, you should add them to your schedule regularly.

Work Can Wait

There will always be more paperwork and endless numbers to calculate. What you don’t have is two lives to live. Don’t spend your entire life slaving away for your job. Take the time to find a healthy work-life balance and you will feel more fulfilled then you’d imagine. Take control of the things you can and forget about the things you can’t.