Social media is always changing, and so are people! Keeping up with culture requires adaptation and development of skills. Even if you have a degree in this field or consider yourself an expert, you still have more to learn! Maintaining constant refinement of your social media skills will help you gain more clientele and hold onto your current loyal customers. Keep your platforms interesting and engaging!


It’s important to understand everything there is to know about digital marketing and social media is the biggest platform to do that. If you are investing money to use these platforms, learning about ways to utilize them is key! Do your research! Look at statistics to see what avenues work best. Is it spending more on ads to boost your advertisement? Is it changing your algorithms and post dates/times? Take the time to really find out what will poor more back into your business.

If you currently do not have someone on your team that understands these avenues, I recommend hiring someone! There’s no shame in not knowing, but there is a problem if you are willing to allow your company to suffer because of that neglect.


If you have not taken the first step in learning about social media, the easiest way to get started is to use it! From the user’s seat, you will begin to see what catches your eye and draws you in to specific things. Is it stories? Or does your eye catch on to posts more? Is there a specific time of the day that tend to scroll?

These are details you can pay attention to that your audience also experiences. Sitting in that seat, you will be able to come up with a plan that suits your business and gains the most customers.

Be Proactive

Once you get the ball rolling, stay up to date with your stats! In the beginning you will want to check your analytics at least once a week. It will show you the percentages of clicks, opens, time watched and much more. This will help you gain momentum in scheduling and designing your content.

After a while, it will seem like clock work! You can schedule months ahead of time and use certain platforms to fill your feed with professional content.